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Woulda, coulda, shoulda

February 8, 2010 - Chuck Hunt
If you are like me, you spent at least a little time during the Super Bowl game last Sunday wondering what it would have been like had the Vikings defeated the Saints and made it to the big game. Of course, the focus would have shifted dramatically to Bret Favre. But, would the Vikings have fared as well as the Saints against the Colts? My personal guess is that they would have, but in a different way. For instance, no way would the Vikings, with Coach Brad childress, try an onside kick to start the second half. The Vikes are much too conservative for that. However, I think the Vikings could have matched up well with the Colts in the game. The defense would have been as good against Peyton Manning as the Saints were - maybe better. The Vikings offense? Hard to say for sure, but I would have been happy if Favre and Peterson could have had a great game. Of course, if the Vikings had gone to the Super Bowl - and won it - you could almost bank on Favre retiring. Now, I am not so sure. My gut instinct says he will be back one more year. Of course, my favorite commercial during the game was the one with Bret Favre accepting the MVP trophy in 2010, when he will be 50 years old. It was hilarious. Speaking of commercials, I guess the choice of the one showing Betty White getting creamed in the mud during a pick up football game as the best commercial was fine. It was funny, and clever. Which is more than I can say for some of the other ones. The screaming chickens (for Denny's Grand Slam breakfasts) were annoying, and pretty dumb, I thought. The ones for Doritos chips, which everyone else loved, didn't do much for me. But then, several others didn't light me up either. Especially at a cost of $3 million to air, and who knows how much to produce. But then, I am probably not the demographic the advertisers are looking for. I am not 20 something, female or do much shopping. Besides the commercial featuring Favre, my other favorite was one I have a feeling was "slipped in." It featured Jay Leno, Oprah and David Letterman on a couch watching the Super Bowl together. It was amazing the three were together...for anything. How about the half time show? My thoughts - the members of the Who looked a bit old and shakey. I don't think they were in the demographic the ads were aiming at either. Maybe the sound was better in the stadium than it was on my television at home. Oh yes, back to the game. It, too, was amazing, in several ways, including having the longest unpiling of an onside kick I have ever seen. I didn't really care who won, but I guess I was 'rooting' for the Saints, because they were the NFC team. It was a good game, exciting enough to keep the audience watching who were not outright Saints or Colts fans. And still, it is hard not to imagine what it would have been like with the purple gang there, with Bret Favre at the helm. Maybe next year...


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