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Do the Vikings stink or what

January 5, 2009 - Chuck Hunt
I am sure there are a lot of disgusted Minnesota Vikings fans out there this morning. Suffering a loss in their first play-off game in four years will do that. The Monday morning quarterbacks are all at the water fountains discussing what went wrong and what needs to be done to fix it. Of course, I am one of those fans who feels like I need to add my two cents worth as well. It all boils down to one thing, in my humble opinion. The team that wanted to win, did win. Skill-wise I thought the two teams both had the talent. But on this particular Sunday, the Eagles wanted it a whole lot more than the Vikings did, and it was painfully obvious to those of us who saw at least part of the game. And on this particular Sunday, the Eagles had the better defense, the better quarterback, and the better coach. Does that mean I think Tavaris Jackson (or as he seems to be known, T-Jack) should go, and Coach Childress should follow right behind? Not necessarily. I do agree with the Star-Tribune this morning – a primary objective in the off-season should be to find a quality quarterback. Of course, that has been an objective for the Vikings for the past dozen years. Their plan over that span has been to hire some washed up old guy - and hope he still has a year or two left in him - or some younger quarterback who may or may not pan out. The strategy gets them by - barely - from year to year, but it sure doesn't put a long range plan into place. At best it creates an odd quarterback controversy, as the old guy comes in to replace the young guy and does pretty well. Remember Brad Johnson, Warren Moon, Randall Cunningham, Jim McMahon, even Peyton's dad, Archie Manning wore Vikings purple. They all started late in their careers, despite the fact that the Vikes had the likes of Tommy Kramer, Rich Gannon, Wade Wilson and Daunte Culpepper as QBs as well. Having all these old quaterbacks to remember, it is still surprising that Brett Favre didn't come to the Vikings this past year when he left the Packers. It seems as though it would have been a fitting - albeit ironic - end to his career. It also gives us Viking fans one more thing to ponder about this past season. What would the Vikes have done with Brett at the helm? As a perennial optimist, I will hope the Vikings management will do whatever it can to raise the team to one higher level, where we not only make it to the playoffs, but win a pos-season game. At least, play hard enough to win, and not embarrass the fans with some lackluster play. Three-and-out, time-after-time, just is not acceptable in anyone's book.

Which makes me even more surprised that


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