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Giant Days were big fun

July 12, 2010 - Chuck Hunt
Were you here for Giant Days? It seemed to be a pretty good time for everyone involved. Hope you didn’t miss it. But if you did, here is my log of the big celebration. And maybe it was just me, but there seemed to be more people at the events than have been the past couple of years. Friday night had a good-sized crowd at the Giant Park for the outdoor party. However, whenever you have something outside, you take the risk of rain coming out of nowhere and spoiling things. It did. People scattered about 9:15 when the clouds started dropping huge drops first, before opened up with a gusher. (The storm was a little isolated, however. While it poured on the north side of Blue Earth, it barely rained on the south side.) Although the rain let up after a little while, and Norm and Michele Hall went on with their DJ work, the remaining party had few folks who had toughed out the storm. But, the rain stopped and the fireworks were able to go on as scheduled. Well, almost as scheduled. I listened to the radio and didn’t hear it had been postponed due to weather, but 10 p.m. came and went, and no fireworks. In fact, it got to be 10:10 and still no fireworks. Now it was 10:15, and some folks were obviously thinking of leaving and going home. But, suddenly, the fireworks started up. Kaboom! You can blame Shelly Greimann for the delay. The BEA Chamber Exec Director says she was in the musical, “Children of Eden,” and called the firemen on her cell phone from back stage at the PAC. She begged them not to start the fireworks because the play was still going on and would not be over until 10:15. People in the audience were concerned they would miss the show – the fireworks show, that is. Thus, it was delayed a few minutes. But it was worth the wait. Again, maybe it was me, but it seemed to be a lot longer fireworks display than usual. In fact, at one point there seemed to be a traditional ‘grand finale’ display, and some folks around me started packing up. But, it was a false alarm (pardon the pun), and there still was a lot more show to go. Saturday’s events also had big turnouts. There were a lot of runners in the 10K and other races. More than usual. The car show, too, had lots of entries, and I also noted more folks than usual wandering around the fairgrounds looking at the cars. There were some pretty cool cars to look at. Some people obviously have a few shekels invested in these machines. The Faribault County Historical Society had a big turnout for their annual Pie and Ice Cream Social. Although it is much, much more. It is a great meal – and there happens to be some pie and ice cream, too. There were lots of shoppers downtown, and lots of parents and their kids enjoying games and petting the little animals. I also noted a gazillion kids at the pool. And a family and/or class reunion or two going on in various places around town. The parade also seemed to have more people watching than have in the past couple of years. The number of entries also seemed to be an increase over last year, but that might have been due to the hordes of candidates and their supporters marching, walking or riding in the parade. It is still disappointing that there isn’t much music in the Giant Days Parade. Other towns seem to have a few small bands on trailers, a high school band or two, or a hired community group. Even a few stereos in the back of trucks would have been good. There were only two bands, a drum core and a polka band, that I noticed. Seems a pretty big shame that the BEA High School Band doesn’t march in the Blue Earth, Winnebago and Elmore parades, at least. Saturday night I went to the musical, “Children of Eden.” Did you? Crowds for this event were not up from other years, and in fact were down. That is a real shame, because it was excellent. As Shelly Greimann says, maybe the Town and Country Players will have to go back to doing well known musicals like “Oklahoma,” in order to draw a crowd and pay the bills. It is a real shame this event didn’t have bigger crowds. Saturday night the street dance at the Double Play parking lot seemed to have a pretty fair-sized crowd. In typical street dance fashion, everyone was standing, enjoying a beverage and conversing with friends they may not have seen in a while. Doesn’t anyone dance at a street dance anymore? Sunday, the big event was the BE Firemen’s Demolition Derby. There was a decent crowd, but nothing spectacular. Maybe the thrill of car crashing has abated somewhat. There were just nine cars competing. Oops, make that ten cars. One came in just under the wire. All ten competed in one championship heat. Then, those which could be welded back together quickly, also competed in a free-for-all. Although, it looked to me like both were free-for-alls. And loud ones at that. There you have it. A run down from someone who was scrambling around taking a picture or two, or three. Maybe of you.


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