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Super Bowl commericals

February 13, 2011 - Chuck Hunt
There were a lot of differences of opinions as to what the favorite commercial during the Super Bowl was. The national press touted the car commercial featuring a little Darth Vader trying to use the force on a variety of objects as the best. I have to agree. I loved it. It was clever and a very nice take on a theme most people are familiar with. If you ask a group of people, however, you get a variety of answers. Everyone, it seems, had a different favorite. I have to admit, your favorite might depend on your age and gender. Most younger people seemed to love the Doritos commercials, such as the dog pushing the sliding glass door down onto a guy. I don’t know, it didn’t do much for me. And the ad for Doritos of the guy licking the other guy’s fingers, and then a pair of pants? That was way over the top for me. Just a bit too strange - and freaky. It almost made me want to not buy Doritos. Others were pretty clever, I thought. I liked the car ad where the helocopter latches onto the vehicle, and then Poseidon rises up from the sea and takes it, followed by it being abducted by aliens, and finally transported in a space worm hole across the universe. Others, however, thought it was stupid. I thought it was awesome. One that we all laughed at was a commercial for a test hotel room. The test family was crowded into the room. Eventually the test dad sits down, and it flings the test baby into the glass window. I know, sounds brutal. But they show the baby’s face smushed against the glass, and well, I have to admit the guys I was with all laughed. Others, however, didn’t think it was so funny. In fact, the company involved took some heat about being insensitive to child abuse, and was forced to issue a public apology and promised to pull the ad, never show it again, and remove it from their web site. OK, so showing a ‘test’ baby being ‘injured’ might not be the most sensitive thing to do. But really, it didn’t show a person brutally shaking their baby because it cried and would not sleep. Don’t get me wrong - child abuse is a terrible thing. And I will be the first to be sickened by it and want it stopped in all its forms. But this was an attempt at a little humor, not a promotion of abuse. It is called slap stick humor, and has been around since comedy was invented. Maybe, just maybe, there was a little over-reaction here. But, we live in different times, now. Times when a guy can be shown licking Doritos off anothers pants, and a guy can be shown sending an email about his girlfriend’s ‘rack,’ but a funny baby commercial is insensitive. Guess so. A cartoon I?saw this week showed some ad men together planning a Super Bowl commercial. The one says, “It’s crude, sexist, insensitive and stupid. Looks like we have an award winner!” Sad, but true.


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