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Power of Facebook

April 15, 2013 - Chuck Hunt
I pooh-poohed Facebook for a long time. I still haven’t decided if it is a good thing, a bad thing, or just a strange thing. Some of my Facebook “friends” hardly ever post anything of any interest. (This describes me as well.) Others post too much. Do I really need to know their cat caught a mouse, that they saw a robin, or soup boiled over on the stove? And, of course, there are the people out there who put some very bizarre photos of themselves or comments on others, on Facebook. That is what I mean by strange. But, I have become a believer...not so much in social aspect of Facebook as in the POWER of Facebook. We have a Faribault County Register Facebook page. Many people see it. Several of the staffers at the Register put items on it, myself included. The results are nothing short of astounding. I put a video of an event on our Facebook page and 50-60 people will have viewed it within an hour. In three hours it can hit a hundred or more. And this is during a work day. Aren’t people at their jobs, working? Within a day it can hit 300-400. Our all time most viewed post is the video I shot at the Sully Mcguire benefit a while back. At this point, it has had 3,500 people view it. Now, that is not as many as a video gone viral on YouTube, but still, it is a bunch for a small town newspaper Facebook page. This morning I posted a note on the Register Facebook page about sports being postponed. It had five views in the first 10 seconds. Right now it has been up for 52 minutes and has had 133 viewers. OK, I am convinced. There are a lot of people out there on Facebook. Now I just have to figure out if that is a good thing, bad thing or strange thing. Keep checking us out on Facebook. We plan to add more items and more photos and more videos as time goes on. And that, I am sure, is a good thing.


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