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A billion dollar jackpot

January 12, 2016 - Chuck Hunt
Holy cow! I never knew I had so much power. Or that I could predict the future so well. In the From the Editor’s Notebook column in last week’s Faribault County Register (Jan. 11, 2016) I wrote about the Powerball. I think I said you shouldn’t get excited until it reached one BILLION dollars, because winning a few paltry millions was hardly worth it. Low and behold, despite all the millions of tickets sold, nobody had picked the right combination of numbers last Saturday night and the jackpot did grow to over a billion dollars. About $1.3 billion at the time this blog was being written. It could get even larger by the time of the drawing on Wednesday night. And, if somehow no one picks the right numbers then, it could grow even larger for Saturday. Is that much money even comprehendible? Not to me. Maybe to Bill Gates, but not to anyone I know. What could a person possibly do with that much money? What would you do with it? Somebody told me they would be happy with the .3 billion and would give the rest, the one billion, away. Of course, if you take a cash lump sum payment, it is only like $875 million. Then you pay like a third or a half of that to Uncle Sam and Governor Dayton. (Taxes, that is.) Besides, who would you give that money to? Your kids, grandkids, other relatives and friends? Or would that ruin their lives? Maybe give it to somebody you were friends with in 1968 and haven’t seen since? Because, trust me, those folks are going to show up, too. “Chuck, old buddy! Remember that day in high school when we passed in the hall and you said ‘hi’ and I nodded back at you?” Everybody you have ever known, or maybe even a lot of folks you don’t remember ever having known, are going to come knocking at your door. You will probably have to move to Tahiti. Of course, with all that money, you can probably buy Tahiti. Or just about anything else you would want. But, what would you want? Fancy homes and cars and boats? Or maybe REALLY fancy homes and cars and boats? I am not sure I really need that. But maybe a NICER home and car than I have now....and with no mortgage or car payment. Just remember the Beatles song. Money can’t buy you love. Or happiness. But at least one friend of mine says the only people who say money can’t buy happiness are the people with a lot of money. And he would like to give it a try for himself to see if they are right or wrong. Hope he bought a lottery ticket this week.


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