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We have some ‘Good News’

December 18, 2011 One thing that I have noticed since moving to Faribault County four years ago. There are a lot of caring, giving people here. more »»

‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’

December 11, 2011 “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.” I was reminded of the old Clint Eastwood ‘spaghetti western’ classic after last Monday’s Blue Earth City Council meeting. Let me explai. more »»

Farewell to a very good friend

December 4, 2011 I lost a really good friend last Wednesday night. So did the community of Blue Earth. Dr. more »»

BE police chief issue needs fixing

November 27, 2011 “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” is a familiar old adage. more »»

Man, gotta get me one of these...

November 20, 2011 “Man, I have gotta get me one of these!” That’s what Will Smith’s character said when he took the controls of an alien spacecraft in the movie “Independence Da. more »»

Tracking down history takes time

November 13, 2011 This week you will find a special bonus inside your Faribault County Register – our ninth edition of the popular “Our Heroes” magazine. more »»

Does he have a snowball’s chance?

November 7, 2011 It isn’t often that a presidential candidate comes to Blue Earth to stump for office. But, that is exactly what happened last Friday afternoon around 5:30 p.m. more »»

Learning to live with new rules

October 30, 2011 A friend of mine once told me that the very best thing about living in the country was the fact that there were no rules. “I can do any dang thing I want to,” he used to tell me. more »»

Buc Pride takes on new meaning

October 23, 2011 Sporting events don’t always live up to their hype. Take the Super Bowl, for instanc. more »»

Fighting the blight in small towns

October 16, 2011 Small towns in rural Minnesota have many things in common. Declining population, older homes, abandoned buildings – to name a fe. more »»

Shocked on a Sunday morning

October 9, 2011 It’s not often that something on television makes me rise up out of my easy chair and say, “What was that?” (OK, the recent Vikings games have caused that very reaction, but I am not... more »»

Road to the White House on hold

October 9, 2011 When presidential candidate John Davis said he was arriving in Blue Earth at 2:03 p.m. on Oct. 5, the odd time of arrival grabbed the attention of editorial staff at the Register. more »»

Stories contain good/bad news

October 2, 2011 Often times things in life come in good news – bad news scenarios. Or so it seems. Here is a ‘for instance. more »»

This story continues to fascinate

September 25, 2011 I first met Bonnie Williams in 2008, not long after I first moved to Blue Earth. My then next door neighbor, A.B. Russ invited me over to his home to meet her. She had been telling A.B. more »»

Blue Earth streets ‘gone wild’

September 18, 2011 I'm crabby. If you don’t want to hear me crab, then move on to something else in the paper this week. Maybe a good story in our agriculture section. more »»

City budget talks can be puzzling

September 11, 2011 It’s a bit of a puzzle. I refer to the Blue Earth City Council meeting last Monday night. more »»

DNA doesn’t always give answers

September 4, 2011 On television shows like NCIS and CSI the officers collect some DNA from the crime scene and send it to the la. more »»

Suffering with a slow news week

August 28, 2011 When we had our editorial staff meeting last week to plan for this week’s paper that you are now reading, one thing popped out. A lack of news story idea. more »»

BE police question put on hold

August 21, 2011 Many subscribers to the Register have been asking why there have been no more stories concerning the Blue Earth Police Department in the newspaper. more »»

Guess who pays for the state cuts

August 14, 2011 Readers of this newspaper (and every other one in the state) are probably getting sick and tired of seeing the same three letters in stories on the front pages. LGA. more »»



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