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KSTP story gives Blue Earth ‘black eye’

June 19, 2010 Did Blue Earth get a black eye in a recent television newscast? Some people sure think so. One of those is the editor of a regional magazine published in Oregon, Wis. more »»

Delores F. Breiter, 58

June 19, 2010 Hayfield — A Memorial Service for Delores Fern Breiter was held June 19, 2010, at Czaplewski Family Funeral Home, in Hayfield. The Rev. Paul Hauschild officiated. more »»

Putting up with construction projects worth it in the long run

June 12, 2010 As Robin would say, “Holy hard hat, Batman!” It is construction season in Minnesota. You know, that short time of year when it isn’t winter. more »»

Blue Earth gets a visit from a special furry postcard mailer

June 1, 2010 I’m sure Blue Earth has been mentioned in many books. In fact, I have seen it a time or two, especially when an author has a connection to this area, or grew up here. more »»

Seeing double, or triple - or more - motorhomes from Alaska

May 22, 2010 If you were in Blue Earth last weekend, maybe you noticed a brand new Winnebago Chalet mini-motor home, with Alaska license plates. I did. I saw it on Saturday on Highway 16. more »»

All this talk of food has made me hungry — let’s grab lunch

May 16, 2010 Do we really need to be told that we should eat more healthful foods and get more exercise? Are we, as typical Americans, really so dumb that we don’t know this? Maybe we do... more »»

Dick Maher — this guy takes his cap off to you

May 11, 2010 For a few guys, early mornings and afternoons aren’t going to be the same anymore. Between 6:30 a.m. and 7 a.m. more »»

Faribault County lost two great legends, all in the same week

May 8, 2010 The Faribault County community lost a couple of legendary persons last week. The deaths of Dick Maher and Lillie Ziegler left a void, and the end of an era, for many people. more »»

Garage sales an attempt at getting rid of too much ‘stuff’

May 1, 2010 I’ve never been a big fan of garage sales over the years. Oh, I’ve gone to a few. And put on a few. But not for a long, long time. On April 24, that all changed. more »»

This big guy draws

April 23, 2010 I can’t blame the Faribault County Commissioners for turning down a request to fund a membership in the Southern Minnesota Tourism Association recently. more »»

City administrators have come under fire in Faribault County

April 17, 2010 More than one person in Blue Earth this past week has asked me, “What is going on at City Hall?” They are referring, of course, to the sudden controversy over City Administrator Kathy... more »»

Why would a priest construct a building in downtown Blue Earth

March 29, 2010 Elsewhere in this issue of the Register is a story about the building on the corner of Seventh and Main in Blue Earth. more »»

This time the state cuts could cause some pain and bleeding

February 21, 2010 The local governmental units in Faribault County — as well as the whole state — got a big dose of bad news last week. more »»

This time the state cuts could cause some pain and bleeding

February 21, 2010 The local governmental units in Faribault County — as well as the whole state — got a big dose of bad news last week. more »»

Some good news locally despite tough times across the state

February 14, 2010 Maybe things are not as bad out here in Faribault County as in other parts of the state. Or, perhaps it just seems that way, because of the many activities going on here. more »»

Everyone and his brother wants to run for governor of Minnesota

February 8, 2010 Who would want the job of governor of the State of Minnesota? I mean, after all, the state is in dire financial shape. more »»

Vikings, Twins gave us heartaches last week

February 1, 2010 Are you tired of talking about the Vikings loss to the New Orleans Saints? Have you dissected the game enough, and discussed what went wrong? What else was there to do on a... more »»

Quietly, Faribault County is eliminating several positions

January 25, 2010 It was not announced with much fanfare at the Faribault County Commissioners meeting last Tuesday morning. In fact, it wasn’t announced at all. more »»

Enough with the finger pointing

January 25, 2010 To the Editor: It is apparent the time has come to get matters out in the open about the controversy which has its grip on our city. more »»

Winnebago, Blue Earth councils need to re-examine decisions

January 17, 2010 Sometimes the workings of a city government are puzzling. Sometimes they are downright wrong. There were two good examples of that fact locally in the last two weeks. more »»



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