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Goldy Gopher could be in trouble if he comes to Faribault County

January 11, 2010 Buried deep in the Faribault County Commissioners meeting agenda last week was an item named ‘designating official county newspaper. more »»

Commissioners get ‘pat on back’

January 11, 2010 To the Editor: It is important to give a pat on the back when a job is well done. more »»

What items didn’t get on the Register’s top ten stories list

January 3, 2010 You would think it would be fairly easy to come up with a top ten news stories of the year list. Trust me, it isn’t. more »»

Be it hereby resolved – making resolutions for county groups

December 27, 2009 This week between Christmas and New Years is known for a lot of things – family gatherings, no school, winter vacations and college bowl games. more »»

This group in Wells did what many towns dream of, but don’t

December 21, 2009 There have been several stories in the pages of the Register this past year concerning Wells and things going on there. more »»

Sarah Palin not the only one who has been going rogue

December 13, 2009 “Going Rogue” is the name of former Alaska governor – and former vice presidential candidate – Sarah Palin’s new book. She has been touring the U.. more »»

Many variables affect whether local taxes will go up or down

December 7, 2009 Like most other property owners in Faribault County, I received my proposed property tax bill for 2010 in the mail the other day. more »»

Enger questions bus, jail decisions

December 7, 2009 To the Editor: After the new jail opened, I had hoped that my venting would be finished. Not so. more »»

Wow! Bucs Night Out provides fun time, raises over $34,000

November 30, 2009 I had an opportunity to attend my second Bucs Night Out event a week ago. I could have made it to three of them, as it was the week before Bucs Night Out in 2007 that I first moved to Blue Earth. more »»

A run-down on the new runway

November 30, 2009 To the Editor: I understand that there have been some news reports about the Blue Earth City Council’s consideration of the FAA’s request for a concrete alternate for the airport runway... more »»

Where was plan for maintenance?

November 23, 2009 Some residents of Faribault County are going to be surprised to read in this week’s Register that there wasn’t a plan for doing cleaning, mowing, snow removal and maintenance at the new County Law... more »»

Students express passion to turn Blue Earth downtown green

November 23, 2009 An ad hoc Blue Earth committee got an earful on Thursday morning. more »»

One last chance

November 23, 2009 It would be my last chance so I wasn’t about to botch it this time. On a Thursday night while driving back home to Winnebago I remembered there was something I needed to do. more »»

What these young volunteers are thinking may surprise you

November 14, 2009 Kids these days. What the heck are they thinking? At an event held on Saturday, Nov. 7, I found out what some kids were thinking – and it might surprise you. more »»

A story so ironic we couldn’t have made it up if we wanted to

November 9, 2009 Every parent and grandparent can identify with the story in this week’s Register about the little boy lost in a cornfield. more »»

Development in county derailed?

November 9, 2009 When we first heard about the formation of Go Minnesota, it was pretty exciting news. more »»

Was airport decision correct? Only time will tell for sure

November 2, 2009 Well, the Blue Earth City Council finally bit the bullet and made a tough decision –  to proceed with an expansion of the runway at the Blue Earth Airport. more »»

Council members deserve support

November 2, 2009 To the Editor: I would like to make a plea to the citizens of Winnebago to get some sanit. more »»

Voting yes on BEA Schools levy

October 26, 2009 At least one resident of the Blue Earth Area School District thinks the upcoming referendum vote is a definite ‘vote yes’ situatio. more »»

Reader clarifies parking opinions

October 26, 2009 To the Editor: I am writing in response to the Register article of October 12. This story was about parking issues around the hospital during construction. more »»



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