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Commissioner’s motion fails by 8-2 vote

Young and Loveall outnumbered in vote to repay county loans

September 3, 2017
Robert Brewer - Register Staff Writer , Faribault County Register

The Faribault County and Martin County Transit Board met on Wednesday, Aug. 23, at the Faribault County Courthouse.

At the meeting, Faribault County District 2 commissioner Greg Young and Faribault-Martin County transit director Jeremy Monahan engaged in a lengthy question and answer session with regards to Monahan's ability to repay a loan to Faribault County in the amount of $30,000 upon receipt of second quarter federal funding.

Young cited his desire to tie up budgetary loose ends as his reasoning for the repayment request. This loan was originally given out by Faribault County in March of 2017.

"If it was desired by the Transit Board to clear out those March of 2017 loans, it's at their discretion," said Monahan. "

However, Monahan reiterated his concerns to Young regarding the timing of the repayment. While Monahan assured Young that the loan would eventually be repaid, the time delay of the second quarter federal funding payment poses a major hurdle.

"I think we would be able to handle the repayment, but I'd like to make sure that I got my second quarter federal funding payment before I cut the check to Faribault County for the loan.

"I still have not received the second quarter federal funding because it is on a time delay. I wouldn't want to run into a cash flow problem, but obviously, we will do whatever needs to be done." Monahan added.

After taking Monahan's input into consideration, Young proceeded with the motion. However, Young's motion failed by a vote of 8-2. Faribault County District 4 commissioner Tom Loveall was the only other board member to vote in favor of Young's motion. Loveall stated the need to be proactive in preparation for future cash flow issues within the county as his reasoning for siding with Young.

Faribault County District 5 commissioner Tom Warmka sized up the overall feelings of those who opposed the repayment of the loan.

"I intend to get the money back, but it's not burning a hole in my pocket," Warmka said. "Things are still a little foggy right now, I think it's premature to do this. Let's get all of our ducks in a row before moving forward with this," he added.

Meanwhile, District 1 commissioner and Faribault County Board chairman John Roper offered support of this motion. Once the state audit is no longer an obstacle, Roper would be open to a re-vote at a later date.

"I would be very comfortable with this motion after the state audit, then we'll know where we are at. I'm not opposed to your motion, I just want to make that clear," Roper said.

A motion was also authorized to repay vehicle loans to Martin County and Faribault County. The total amount loaned by both counties came out to $73,626 with each county refunded for a total of $36,813.

The next Transit Board meeting is scheduled for Oct. 13 in Truman.



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