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Cheers and jeers where deserved

October 8, 2017
Chuck Hunt - Register Editor , Faribault County Register

Some people like them, some hate them. But it is time once again to send out some cheers and jeers to those who deserve them.

First on the list is a big cheer to send out to the Blue Earth Area Buccaneer girls tennis team. Not only did they play hard and win the Big South Conference trophy, now they have come through as Section champions and punched their ticket to the State Tennis Meet. Good for them. They defeated Fairmont in a match that took two days due to a rain delay, then defeated both USC and St. James in two matches held on Thursday. Congratulations to this talented and hard working group of young ladies.

A jeer has to go out to the crazed maniac who armed himself with enough weapons to go to war, then unleashed it all on innocent people at a music concert in Las Vegas. Like everyone else, we were sickened and horrified at the news Monday morning. But, it wasn't until listening to the first hand account of what it felt like to be there as told by JyLessa Levenhagen of Blue Earth. It is hard to hear how a fun trip to Las Vegas could turn into such a big, surreal nightmare of terror. The good news is that though she was right where the bullets were striking people around her, she survived.

A cheer to the Blue Earth City Council for taking the big first step of creating a new housing development in the city. It is a bold and brave move, and a necessary one if the city is to grow. Although the council voted 4-3 to not do the total plan as presented, they did come back with a second motion to do half the project at first, and all the council members got on board with it. It is called compromise and our elected representatives in Washington could take a lesson from the Blue Earth City Council.

You knew this one was going to be on the list. We have to send out a big jeer to the Walmart Corporation for closing down their store in Blue Earth. It is a blow to the local business community as it drew in customers from around the area. We knew Walmart had thought about closing the store in the past, but when they did a big remodeling of the store a year or two ago, it seemed as though they had decided to keep it open. But, no. Despite the fact the store always seemed busy, it is now closed.

A cheer goes out to Judge Doug Richards and his faithful sidekick, Orv Terhark, upon their plans to retire at the same time together. They have been faithful public servants to the Faribault County community and have done an excellent job over the years. We wish them well in retirement and thank them for their service.

Another cheer goes out to the Minnesota Lynx professional womens basketball team. Have you kept up with them? Four national titles in the last seven years. They have been a lot of fun to watch over the past few years and are quite a talented group. Imagine how much national press they would get if they were a professional mens team located in Los Angeles, New York or Chicago. Let's hope the Twins and Vikings take some notes from the Lynx on how to win a national championship.

We have sent out a jeer to Mother Nature before, and she certainly deserves it again. With three, now maybe a fourth, hurricane hammering Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and other areas, the devastation has been immense and practically incomprehensible. Our thoughts and prayers have been with everyone who has been impacted by these storms. It will be some time before life returns to normal for many of them.

And finally, this could be both a cheer and/or a jeer. Or maybe neither. Some folks have cheered NFL football players for protesting inequality in this country by taking a knee during the National Anthem. Others have jeered it as disrespectful to our anthem and flag. The truth is that NFL players, like all American citizens, have the right under the First Amendment to peaceably protest their government. The key word is peaceably. A jeer goes out to those who protest by violently confronting police and others, burn squad cars and smash business windows.

The only issue with NFL players protesting is they are doing it while being on the job, instead of on their own time. I am pretty sure that if I protested anything while at work, the Register would be looking for a new editor because I would be fired.

Of course, that would mean you would not have to put up with these cheers and jeers columns anymore.

Some of you might be cheering that prospect.

Thanks for reading us.



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