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  1. Yes, absolutely
  2. No, absolutely not
  3. Only if it is outlined in the student handbook
  4. I have no opinion
  1. Outdoor activities; hunting, ice fishing, skating
  2. Watching television with the family
  3. Working just as much as usual
  4. Reading the Faribault County Register
  1. Lose weight
  2. Save more money
  3. Quit bad habits
  4. I don't believe in New Year's resolutions
  1. Perry Como
  2. Bing Crosby
  3. Nat King Cole
  4. My favorite is not listed
  1. Christmas Eve
  2. Christmas Day
  3. Another time/ several times
  4. I do not celebrate Christmas
  1. Yes, and I am glad I did
  2. No, but I'm wishing I had
  3. No, and I do not think it helps
  4. All I have is a case of the bah-humbugs
  1. He has been a great president for us
  2. It is too early to tell
  3. He is so terrible, he should be impeached
  4. I don't care about politics
  1. Absolutely he should
  2. No, unless more evidence presents itself
  3. He should stay
  4. I'm not suire
  1. I will be doing my shopping locally
  2. I will be shopping in malls and outlet malls
  3. I will be shopping online
  4. I avoid Black Friday shopping all together
  1. Yes, they are off to a great start
  2. They look good, but I still have reservations
  3. They will miss the playoffs as usual
  4. I don't watch the NBA
  1. Every single game
  2. I saw a few games when I had the chance
  3. I only watched the highlights
  4. I didn't watch any of it
  1. Good. The public deserves to know what happened
  2. Bad idea. National security may be at risk
  3. Won't make a difference either way
  4. It's all a conspiracy; we'll never know the truth
  1. Welcome them as economic development
  2. Don't want them spoiling our beautiful landscape
  3. Don't want them near my property for many reasons
  4. No opinion one way or the other
  1. No, it won’t make a difference
  2. No, it’s my right to use them
  3. Yes, they are dangerous
  4. I don’t know/ I don’t care
  1. It's their right to do so
  2. It's their right, but i don't like it
  3. It's disrespectful and should be stopped
  4. They should be fined or fired
  1. I am extremely worried about public safety
  2. Not that worried; animals come and go
  3. I think the whole thing was a hoax
  4. I was unaware about the mountain lion
  1. $10 or less
  2. $100-$400
  3. $500 or more
  4. I didn't donate anything
  1. West, towards Fairmont
  2. East, towards Albert Lea
  3. North, towards Winnebago and Mankato
  4. Do my best to shop locally in Blue Earth
  1. Bluestem Road
  2. Butterly Lane
  3. Dogwood Street
  4. Pussy Willow Lane
  5. Coneflower Drive
  6. Blazing Star Lane
  7. Wild Rose Street
  8. None of these


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