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  1. $10 or less
  2. $100-$400
  3. $500 or more
  4. I didn't donate anything
  1. West, towards Fairmont
  2. East, towards Albert Lea
  3. North, towards Winnebago and Mankato
  4. Do my best to shop locally in Blue Earth
  1. Bluestem Road
  2. Butterly Lane
  3. Dogwood Street
  4. Pussy Willow Lane
  5. Coneflower Drive
  6. Blazing Star Lane
  7. Wild Rose Street
  8. None of these
  1. I have a subscription
  2. I buy it at a store
  3. I look at the one at the library
  4. I don’t get a newspaper/ I don’t care
  1. Yes, my dog's costume is all picked out
  2. Yes, but I won't be bringing my dog
  3. No, I am not interested
  4. I don't know/I don't care
  1. reading one now
  2. fairly recently
  3. It's been a while
  4. Not since I was in school
  1. The car show
  2. The Giant dance party and fireworks
  3. The parade
  4. The food vendors and other activities
  1. Yes, visit frequently
  2. I visit the parks at least once a year
  3. I have never been to either park
  4. I go to other parks outside of the county
  1. Yes, it is an essential part of my daily diet
  2. I do eat/drink dairy products, just not regularly
  3. No, I hate dairy
  4. I cannot eat dairy due to allergies
  1. Mosquitos
  2. Heat/humidity/sunburn
  3. Mowing/outdoor work
  4. I don't hate anything, I love summer
  1. Cell phone/radio
  2. Eating food while trying to drive
  3. Noisy passengers/children
  4. I don't get distracted while driving
  1. Swimming/lounging outside
  2. Fishing/camping/hiking
  3. Family vacation
  4. Town celebration days/fireworks
  1. Yes, it's about time
  2. I don't think it is really necessary
  3. Definitely not
  4. I don't care one way or the other
  1. Yes, for myself
  2. Yes, for a family member
  3. No, I've never needed it
  4. No, I drove myself to the hospital
  1. It was a wise decision
  2. It was an unwise decision
  3. It doesn't matter, it's the President's decision
  4. I don't know/I don't care
  1. Computer
  2. Cell phone/smart phone
  3. Hi-def digital surround sound television
  4. Video gaming systems


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