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  1. More sunshine/ warmer weather
  2. Flowers beginning to bloom
  3. Birds and wildlife coming back to the area
  4. I'm still just waiting for summer
  1. It hasn’t affected my job
  2. I’m working from home
  3. I am not working/have been laid off
  4. I am retired and am staying home
  1. Every career I have had did not require it
  2. I had a few careers that required classes
  3. I went to trade school or college
  4. I went to college and graduate school
  1. I’m shaking hands less
  2. I’m washing my hands more
  3. I’m avoiding others who have cold symptoms
  4. I’m really not concerned about it
  1. The 1960s
  2. The 1970s
  3. The 1980s
  4. The 1990s
  1. Yes, very
  2. I'm a little concerned
  3. Not at all
  4. I don't know what that is
  1. Absolutely, he deserved to win
  2. No, what a terrible choice
  3. I think there could have been a better winner
  4. Who is Rush Limbaugh?
  1. Yes - it will become a problem here
  2. No - it will be contained
  3. Could be if we don’t suspended flights to/from China
  4. There will be a vaccine soon
  1. Yes, everyone should be welcome here
  2. Yes, but they must assimilate
  3. No, they should stay where they come from
  4. I don't know
  1. Yes, I go to a small, local theater
  2. I go to a big city for my theater experience
  3. No, I stay at home to watch/stream movies
  4. I am not a big fan of movies
  1. Yes, I did it! I rang in 2020 at midnight.
  2. I almost made it but I fell asleep.
  3. I purposefully fell asleep before midnight.
  4. It’s 2020 already?!
  1. I saw it and it lives up to the hype
  2. I saw it and it does not live up to the hype
  3. I have not seen it yet, but plan to
  4. I don't like Star Wars
  1. One or less
  2. Between 2 and 4
  3. Between 5 and 7
  4. 7 or more holiday celebrations...uffdah!
  1. Christmas Eve
  2. Christmas Day
  3. Both days
  4. Weekend before
  5. Weekend after
  6. Some other time
  7. We don't celebrate Christmas
  1. Turkey
  2. Dressing/stuffing
  3. Potatoes/gravy
  4. Dinner rolls
  5. Green beans/corn
  6. Cranberry sauce
  7. Pumpkin pie/other pie
  8. I love it all


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