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  1. Without a doubt
  2. Possibly
  3. I'm not Catholic so probably not
  4. Nope, no way
  1. Yes, it’s just a clock =
  2. No, its important to take precautions =
  3. Not sure =
  4. I have no opinion on this topic =
  1. Yes, everyone’s rights should be addressed
  2. No, it does not address the concerns I have
  3. No, it’s just a sign for a door, why change it?
  4. I have no opinion on this topic
  1. Traveling
  2. Staying home
  3. Family gatherings
  4. I did not take a vacation this summer
  1. The delicious and interesting foods
  2. All of the live entertainment
  3. The rides, I love a good thrill
  4. The friendly competitions
  5. Everything
  6. I've never been to the State Fair
  1. A viable GOP presidential candidate
  2. He's wasting his time and ours
  3. I don't care, I'm a democrat
  1. Yes, I walked/participated
  2. Yes, I donated
  3. No, I did not this year but I did last year
  4. No, I did not
  1. No
  2. Yes, a little bit
  3. Yes, most of it
  4. Yes, all of it
  5. Just caught the highlights on the news
  1. Yes, I believe he is in the wrong
  2. No, he is not
  3. I don't have enough info to make a decision
  4. Endangered species should not be hunted
  1. United Pullers
  2. T&C Rodeo
  3. Demolition Derby
  4. Maiden Dixie
  5. Hairball
  6. I didn't go
  1. Yes, without hesitation
  2. Maybe, if there are no exceptions
  3. No, I don't need my phone for work
  4. I still don't have a cell phone
  1. Parade
  2. Car Show
  3. Street dance
  4. Musical
  5. Giant Days party
  6. Other
  1. Yes, once or twice
  2. Yes, often
  3. No, never
  4. I tried it once but will not again
  1. Yes, I do all the time
  2. Yes, once or twice
  3. No, I have not used it
  4. I was unaware Faribault County had one
  1. With my father or step-father
  2. With my husband
  3. With my grandfather
  4. I don't celebrate Father's Day
  1. Yes, it is great
  2. I guess it's OK
  3. No, he didn't want to be here
  4. I don't care one way or the other
  1. Yes, I'm excited
  2. Yes, if renting is available
  3. No
  4. I have never used a canoe/kayakk
  1. Yes, always
  2. Yes, sometimes
  3. No
  4. I don't even own a helmet
  1. Yes, always
  2. Yes, but only as a courtesy to oncoming vehicles
  3. Sometimes
  4. Never


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